Where can I find the Quantlet’s User Manual?

All Quantlets ship with a Quick Reference Guide card that points users to a link that also provides a full User Manual. That can be found here: https://thequantlet.com/setup

My Quantlet does not seem to be charging. What could be the problem?

The Quantlet’s power button must be flashing orange indicating it is actively charging. When plugged in, if the power button is not charging orange, simply gently press and hold the power button down for at least 5 seconds until it begins flashing orange. That indicates active charging mode.

What mobile devices are compatible with the Quantlet App?

The Quantlet is compatible with select mobile devices that support Bluetooth 4.1 technology. This includes iPhone 5 or newer models with iOS version V9.0 and higher, as well as Android phones, with OS KitKat 4.4 and higher.

What is the product’s warranty?

The Quantlet has a limited 90-day warranty that exclusively covers manufacturing defects. The device must be used in accordance to manufacturer instructions as included in the User Manual found here https://thequantlet.com/setup

The product warranty does NOT cover damage by the user such as broken bands, early battery failures from usage multiple times per day, and other similar circumstances.

The product warranty is not transferable if the device is resold or its ownership transferred to someone other than the individual placing the original order.

The Quantlet is sold for PERSONAL USE only. Commercial or other Professional Use is strictly prohibited and will void product warranty.

How do I turn my Bluetooth to passive (low emissions) mode?

In order to turn the Bluetooth on the Quantlet to passive (low emissions) mode, please access the Settings feature on the Quantlet App and set the switch to Passive mode.

What do the different color sequences on the device’s power button mean?

As described in the Quick Reference Guide card and User Manual, the light sequences have the following meanings:

How often should I use my Quantlet?

The Quantlet is designed to be used and charged ONCE PER DAY. Using it more often will not have better outcomes for you and may deplete the battery’s useful life. Hence, usage of more than once per day is greatly discouraged and may invalidate your product’s warranty.

Is my cooling plate working?

When using the Quantlet with TEC on, manual mode or through the P30/P60 protocols, the sensation provided by the cooling plate will be a mild sensation of coolness that waves in and out. It will NOT feel ice-cold. The reason is simple: too much cold constricts blood vessels and impedes blood flow.

The cooling plate’s operating parameters are optimized to extract just the right amount of heat based on the temperature of the skin, as measured by the skin temperature sensor.

If your skin is already cool, either because you are not hyperthermic (hot) or because the plate has done its job, you will not feel much. But, the plate is still working and extracting heat as intended.

My Quantlet stopped working and/or is flashing purple from all LEDs. What should I do?

We typically see that a hard reset of the unit can achieve a fix for this. To do it, simply keep the unit on (power button flashing in any color and NOT plugged in) until it’s dead.

Once completely dead, plug it into power and follow the charging instructions on the first question above. You will see a quick flash of all LEDs and the power button. Once you do, then simply release the power button and it will start flashing orange indicating that it is charging.

Let it charge for 4-hours and then it should work perfectly after that.