The Quantlet®

Human Performance Reimagined™


The Quantlet

Human Performance Reimagined™

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Based on scientific breakthroughs from two of the world’s leading universities, the Quantlet leverages clinical research and well-established science in the fields of photobiomodulation, physiology and sports medicine to reimagine human performance.

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The Quantlet App helps you customize your protocols and track usage data allowing you to compare your latest results with past measurements and progress over time.

The Quantlet is one of the most successful wearable technology crowdfunding campaigns of 2016 and was recently featured on Indiegogo’s Fitness Technology For Spring Collection.

"Wearable devices are the way to go for photobiomodulation"

Dr. Michael R. Hamblin, PhD.Scientific Advisor & Professor Harvard Medical School

"I am looking forward to testing my Quantlet as soon as it arrives!"

Ben GreenfieldNew York Times Best-sellIing Author of Beyond Training & Voted Top Trainer in the USA